Throughout the history of our society, one group or another has been fighting for their rights to be equal.  Whether it’s a race issue, when they tried for the ‘separate but equal’ idea, or it’s an issue of certain groups having to wear a giant yellow star on their clothing – the fight for equality has been ongoing.

One of the leading warriors in the fight for equality is the Universal Life Church.  For starters, the ULC will ordain anyone for free and for life, without any question as to your personal beliefs, race, orientation, etc.  There are some churches that won’t ordain women, for instance.  Some feel that only men are worthy to become ordained ministers.

Others will kick out anyone who they find out is not heterosexual or who doesn’t conform to that particular church’s belief system and practices.  For true equality to happen, people need to be allowed to find their own answers and to have the freedom to express and explore those beliefs.

Many churches feel they are equal, but they are in fact exclusive and cater only to those who readily conform.  The Universe is full of answers for people of all faiths and belief systems.  The major religions all have at least some kernels of universal truth.  Some have more than others and some have fewer.  Truth, however, has a unique ring for each person and a church offering true equality will encourage individual’s search for their own truth and light.

Becoming ordained gives everyone the same place to start.  Once ordained, you are free to follow your heart, mind, and spirit to find your soul’s fulfillment.  You may find it in a study of the teachings of Jesus Christ or perhaps one of the many Pagan paths is more to your liking.  The beautiful thing is that you can find equality without the sameness that is found through more traditional churches.  Forging your own path, listening to the whisper of your own soul, and sharing your personal truth with absolute freedom is the cornerstone of what a good church is all about.  Dare to be different!