How many times have you said that life wasn’t fair?  From your perspective, at one time or another, you’ve probably thought it unfair that some people had so much, and some people had so little.  Or that an innocent child dies when a convict lives on.  Life just seems unfair.

From a minute-by-minute, small-picture basis, you’d be absolutely right to think that.  When one looks at the bigger picture, however, you might come up with a different answer.  The Universe, regardless of how strange and mysterious it may seem, is always in perfect balance.  Or, I should say, it is always in a perfect state of creating imbalance for the sole purpose of finding it again in new ways.

One of the many ways that people search for balance in their lives is through a search for their own personal spiritual growth and answers.  Many find it through traditional churches, like Christian Churches or Pagan groups.  There are, of course, also groups for Buddhists, Jews, Shamans and pretty much any other religious or spiritual groups you can think of.  One place where people can find all of those answers in one place is through the Universal Life Church.  The ULC Seminary supports an ever-increasing number of belief systems through their online courses.

It used to be that people had very clear-cut beliefs, which made following them and adhering to them very easy.  Within the various churches, there was a very clear-cut hierarchy with rules and people to tell you what to think, and how to think it.  In some ways, this made life very simple.  On the other hand, it also left a lot of people feel unfulfilled.  They followed the rules set out before them, but still felt empty inside.

Looking for answers within is a much scarier process, but ultimately more fulfilling.  When looking for your own answers, you can see where your life is out of balance and seek to rectify the situation by looking within.  You can more easily find the lessons you need to learn and are more likely to be able to see where things may ‘seem’ unfair, but are in fact, just the Universe balancing itself out.