The Universal Life Church is a unique organization.  They will ordain, for free, anyone who requests it, as long as they give a lawful name and valid address.

The ULC has two tenets: the absolute right of freedom of religion and to do that, which is right. Anything else within the law is allowed.

The Universal Life Church, and specifically its Seminary, supports your relationship with your God, Gods or with your lack of belief in any higher force, and encourages all of our ministers to walk his or her own path.

A Few Words About The Founder of The Universal Life Church

Rev. Kirby Hensley, raised a Baptist, grew up in North Carolina. Though he was illiterate, he still found ways to learn about religion.  As a result, he created the Universal Life Church in 1959 because he felt that everyone’s beliefs should be respected and he regularly preached his own beliefs across the country until his death in 1999.  After a lengthy fight in the courts, he ultimately got ULC established as its own denomination.  Lida Hensley, his second wife of 46 years, passed away in 2007 leaving Andre Hensley, his son, as the current president of the headquarters of the Universal Life Church, in Modesto, CA.

Where We Are Now

The Universal Life Church is working towards fulfilling the spiritual needs of as many different belief groups as we can, by offering a wide variety of services and information. To this end, we have many types of guest sermons, informational mailings, kind words, an expanding seminary, a complete chaplaincy program and much more.